Education ConceptOur philosophy:

To enhance the child’s development through a well-planned curriculum consisting of social adjustment, academic readiness, physical growth and religious instruction centered around the ideas and ideals of Christianity, with an emphasis on brotherhood and understanding. Each child’s needs will be assessed and treated in accordance with growth and development patterns.


We are licensed:

Our Pre-school is licensed under the Department of Human Services, State of New Jersey, which imposes strict regulations governing the establishment and maintenance of Pre-schools.


Our Facilities:

We are sponsored by Holy Cross Lutheran Church, located on a  5 ½ acre campus directly across from Toms River Intermediate School East on Hooper Avenue. Playground facilities are twice the required size set by the state, with a fenced area measuring 6,300 square feet.


Outline of Specific Goals:

I. Academic Development

  • To develop safety rules
  • To develop good healthy habits
  • To develop reading readiness
  • To develop a sense of number readiness
  • To develop music appreciation
  • To provide arts/crafts experience
  • To develop science concepts

II. Social/Emotional Development

  • To develop self-worth
  • To develop confidence, individually and among peers
  • To develop interaction ability
  • To encourage mastery of tasks attempted
  • To develop a sense of awareness of his own feelings and the feelings of others
  • To develop socially acceptable manners and behavior

III. Physical Development

  • To develop the large muscles
  • To develop large muscle coordination
  • To develop sense of balance
  • To encourage the development of small muscles
  • To develop eye-hand coordination
  • To encourage good health and safety haits
  • To develop large and small motor skills
  • To provide a diversified physical experience


The Pre-school is governed by a Board, which assists and supervises all of its operation.  The Board is headed by Beverly Hirseman.

We are excited to announce that Cynthia Kane has joined Holy Cross Christian Nursery School as our new Director!  She and our staff of highly qualified teachers are assisted by wonderful, experienced classroom aides.  Classroom size is limited to ensure low student/teacher ratios and individual attention for each child.

You are cordially invited to arrange a visit to Holy Cross Christian Pre-school.